From Rajesh-Kumar.org

I may be naive, but even I was well aware of these consequences of my complaints. I have since also been repeatedly told, in written form, of the costs of opening my mouth.

But this was the central part of my job. And I am NOT a coward. Regardless of what John Hollerbach tells people. If I had a chance to redo everything, I would prosecute these matters again, and with greater vigor. And if I had more resources, I would prosecute everything that is being delayed.

You can look the other way. You can chicken out and tell me "my mother has died and I haven't been able to work for six months'. I don't have any excuses, even if I am under a surgeon's knife, or barely able to move.

This is not about incompetence (which is excusable); it is not oversight (which can also be forgiven), it is not mistakes (which everyone makes). I have nothing against correcting mistakes, regardless of the costs. This is NOT an acceptable state of affairs.

This is publishing papers long before ANY work had been done. It is publishing papers while being in possession of (and having read) someone elses' unpublished manuscripts. This is publishing three versions of the same article with different authorship. It is publishing work done after a conference in a a conference proceedings. This is publishing papers rejected in review, and where self-plagiarism has been admitted. This IS what plagiarism is. And the retaliation has no place in civilized society, let alone academia. I WILL NOT stand idle while others are brushing serious impropriety under the carpet.

I didn't ask to be put in this position, and I also don't have any choice but to take these matters to their logical conclusion.