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If you can't be patient or read through disorganized material posted as health and time permitted, then please just stop here.

At the end of a week long trial in case number 24C12006249, circuit Court for Baltimore City, with Judge Althea Handy presiding, the jury determined on April 23, 2014 that Johns Hopkins trespassed on my property (my webpage included), retaliated for filing plagiarism complaints, and withheld salary and accrued benefits.

The jury awarded back pay, withheld benefits, and damages. The judgment has been paid, and the thirty days to appeal having passed it is now final as of May 2014. This is the third result in this litigation series the other two being related to SAGE and Springer-Verlag.

Yet, 2:12-cv-06870-KSH-CLW** remains on the docket in New Jersey due to intransigence of IEEE to resolve the matter in any reasonable way.

Matters related to stolen manuscript(s) have yet to be prosecuted. Similarly, matters related to withheld pay and benefits found in documents discovered using Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have also not been prosecuted yet due to lack of resources, time, and health constraints.

I am represented by Davis Wright Tremaine and Bienstock & Michael PC in the IEEE case. Here is a feedback link: R. Kumar -- Please do clearly identify yourself and provide contact information.

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Public dockets for 24-C-12-006249-CN in Baltimore, 2:12-cv-06870-KSH-CLW in New Jersey, and CV-12-6306 RSWL (RZx) in Los Angeles.

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Meaningless footnotes: The Daily Record, May 5, 2014, and an attorney's interpretation of it.

I am a computer science graduate, obsessed with experimental robotics. For the shortest period of time in the last decade I was also some one who arguably knew more than any one else about surgical robotics and didn't care about recognition. Fate put me in the right places numerous times -- with absolutely no influence on the use or credit of the outcome despite major or total responsibility for delivering it. I have also been forced by fate to work alone towards new research for nearly all of my professional life. To sum up:

Assembly of the first stead-hand robot
  1. Out of school (in 2001) I was a medical robotics researcher working on eye surgery (the "steady hand" robot that I assembled) , but the job market for teachers was dead with the economic downturn. I resorted to industry research in vision for robotics and ergonomics instead. I was well funded by NASA, NSF and Industry.

  2. Then I broke my spine (in 2003). It put a damper on any future plans, not that I had too many. People with my injury don't have many prospects afterward either. Human body just atrophies away.

  3. Regardless of health, in early 2004 -- within months of the injury and with a reckless disregard for recovery -- right after the Computer Motion, Inc. and Intuitive Surgical Inc. merger I returned to medical robotics. The image on the right is a prototype that I integrated, programmed, tested and proved. It lead to the da Vinci Si. I also created/programmed/delivered the da Vinci prototype for the DARPA TraumaPod, and the first version (without a patient side cart) of the da Vinci simulator integrating MIMIC software. Brian Hoffman had a visualization of instrument tip kinematics long before the MIMIC visualization, but there was no "console only" system before I setup one. Other contributions to the company included a linux based virtual da Vinci codebase and optical fiber communication framework that formed the basis of Nicola Diolati's codebase for the single port system, implementaton of product functionality such as the digital zoom, and much more.

  4. With failing health, when I discovered wrongdoing at Intuitive Surgical (including with publications related to the NIST ATP that funded the prototype) , I pointed them out and separated from Intuitive on friendly terms (in 2006, for me, but apparently not for them). Returning to India to try to get at least a sub-human quality of life. I have still continued to work with them as much as possible.

    The first test of the da Vinci Si that I setup for Pete Schulam. Gary Guthart rightly notes this is a poor montage. It was created in 2004 by me, and not for external use. All data/results/images were left behind at Intuitive, and not shared when I asked for them later -- even though they showed up in papers without my knowledge.
  5. Realizing the training for these robots is focusing solely on deflecting liability concerns away from the hospitals across the industry, I returned to Johns Hopkins in 2007 (clearly a mistake) to try to create a research program to develop the curriculum, and standard accreditation program. The program was well funded, but sabotaged by egos wanting to steal the credit for this work as well as redirecting granted funds away from the project (e.g. a fake press release was issued by Johns Hopkins in secret from me, attributing the work to random people). My results have still changed the course of robotic surgery assessment, and technology has ended up in the Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery (FRS) program in development. Then I discovered, even my thesis had not been left alone. Its content had been extensively plagiarized. My unpublished manuscripts have ended up in Sweden!

  6. Since 2011, I have defended against plagiarism, retaliation, trespass, threats, and other actions grossly incompatible with any civic dialog. Two court cases have concluded, a third remains on the docket in New Jersey. The defendants there are keen that the case never go to trial. They will do ANYTHING in their power to find a technicality, even though by IEEE publication rules, the fraudulent article should have been long retracted and authors punished. Instead, they have institutional support and unlimited legal aid. I am burning my own resources -- to what end?

Thus, a nobody. Surely, only looking for attention. /Sarcasm.

*Archive.org informs me that for most of the past two decades, my web presence looked like this, thus only this simple page. Any previous versions are here, I stand by them but my work there is done.