Brief Reverse Chronology of Events


  • March 2015 : IEEE did get what it wanted from Johns Hopkins, then finds itself in even more of a knot with what it dug up, and decides to seal testimony and documents because otherwise evidence could cause someone to lose their job! Summary judgment filings are finally being completed.
  • July 2014 : IEEE tries to find more ways to delay matters via a subpoena to Johns Hopkins well after the discovery deadline that will give me no chance to respond.
  • June 2014: Ms Kragic is deposed in Sweden. She promptly decides to seal her testimony so no one may know what she said under oath outside of the trial.
  • April 2014: Baltimore Civil Trial. A Baltimore Jury finds Johns Hopkins trespassed and violated my contract. Johns Hopkins happily pays the "small" amount of damages and continues to trespass.
  • February 2014: Johns Hopkins "terminates" my contract. As of March 2015, NO ONE has yet told me why. I was simply told in the usual HR form letter received in the mail well after the date that it has been done and I should be looking into COBRA and such.
  • 2014: My thesis is licensed by multiple publishers who see no alternative given the evidence of clear fraud. The evidence of stolen manuscripts is not produced during the discovery in these matters. Some parts of the litigation may be sealed, and agreements have confidentiality to complete the coverup. Corrections are behind pay walls. No action taken against perpetrators to this date.
  • 2013: Faculty, officers and deans at Johns Hopkins are deposed. I am forced to travel to be deposed, and deposed more than once. Each time, to the maximum possible time possible, unlike ANY other witness. Discovery documents are produced in haphazard manner by defendants.
  • 2012: Complaints are filed in Los Angeles, New Jersey and Baltimore courts.
  • 2011: Kumar, and later his attorneys try their best to resolve the matter without litigation.
  • 2010: Plagiarism is discovered. (Fraud only became evident in 2014).